Craigville Theological Colloquy

The Reformation at 500:
Is Grace Still the Answer?

Monday-Friday, July 10-14, 2017

Along with our updated web pages, we have a new registration process and we are happy to announce that registration is open for the 2017 colloquy!  Registration will be done this year using a Google Form, and you will find the link to the form and information about the fees and other registration matters on the Registration page.

Please note that this registration process is not fully electronic and we cannot accept electronic payments. After you fill out the Google form online, you will receive an email that includes a link to the completed form. You then must print out that form, fill it in further (for example, fill in the amounts of the total fees and of your deposit or full payment), and then mail the form with a check to the address that is specified. Our tiered fee structure offers incentives for registering for the colloquy as early as possible.

You may also wish to browse the other enhanced pages on our web site.  You can read about our past gatherings (still being updated beyond 2011), discover where the Craigville Retreat Center is located (outer Cape Cod in Centerville), and enjoy pictures of the area and past gatherings. You also can read about the Christian Camp Management Association (CCMA), the long-time owner and steward of the retreat center and now the colloquy’s new sponsoring body.  And you can read about United Camps, Conferences, and Retreats (UCCR), the management company engaged by CCMA to manage the retreat center.

The year’s colloquy will be the 34th colloquy for which many folk from various faiths and faith journeys have gathered for a time of discussion, reflection, challenge, worship, and prayer.  We hope you find the topic and description interesting and will consider joining us. While begun with efforts from leaders and thinkers within the United Church of Christ, the leadership, attendees, and speakers are broadly representative of Christ’s church. This illustrates a result of what occurred 500 years ago with the start of the Protestant Reformations.

Truly, we accept that the Church today remains in a state of evolution and change. The Church is not where the primary Church (Roman Catholic) was in 1517, when Martin Luther raised his objections (theses). And the Church today is not where it was 10 years ago, nor where it will be in 10 years. Though many changes are slow — evolutionary, at times — a change(s) may be revolutionary. God’s Grace may be both!

Consider that it took nearly 400 years before women, other than those in religious orders, began to be accepted (not always gracefully) as leaders, ministers and pastors. This change came even as many opposed, and continue to oppose, using all of God’s people in ministry. Where would many Protestant denominations be without the presence of female leadership? The Roman Catholic Church contends with a shortage of priests, and so would many other faiths if this change had not occurred. This “change” might be considered a sign of God’s grace. And, truly we continue to need such divine gifts.

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