Craigville Tabernacle
Craigville Tabernacle

For 40 years, the Craigville Theological Colloquy has met at the Craigville Retreat Center in Centerville, MASS on Cape Cod. This is a beautiful area to visit and to spend a week! See other pages for more details about the Colloquy and the area.

2024 Craigville Theological Colloquy
July 8-12, 2024

Ecotheology: Christian Responses To The Global Climate Crisis

Keynote Speaker

Rev. Dr. Allen Ewing-Merrill

Executive Director of The BTS Center

Biblical Reflector and Presenter

Tallessyn Z. Grenfell-Lee, MDiv, PhD

Founder of Climate Resilience Leadership, LLC


During the 2024 Colloquy, our time together will consider
one of the most pressing global issues — the climate.

During the 2024 Colloquy, our time together will consider one of the most pressing global issues — the climate. Looking through the lenses of Christian faith experiences, spirituality in various forms, theology, biblical interpretation, science, activism, and more, we seek to engage with the climate crisis, finding in our faith new hope during times of despair. On our journey there we seek to be helpful for clergy & laypeople, congregations & communities, people of many backgrounds, other living creatures, the habitats and eco-systems that we share and the Earth itself.

Using the word crisis intentionally acknowledges what many are declaring: that our only home, the Earth, has troubles and we must identify and implement ways to make positive and tangible impacts. As people of faith, this crisis also is a spiritual matter and imperative for us to address.

The Rev. Dr. Allen Ewing-Merrill, our keynote speaker, is the executive director of The BTS Center, located in Portland, Maine. In his years with The BTS Center, Allen and his colleagues have focused on creating and offering ecumenical and interfaith programs and experiences for clergy, laypeople, and others to develop ways of engaging in “Spiritual Leadership for a Climate-Changed World.” Allen also has extensive experience with pastoral ministry and has served non-profit organizations with a focus on social justice and faith-based organizing.  Allen will be delivering two keynote presentations and will also share some of the results and ideas from his D.Min. dissertation, which is entitled “Vocation, Formation, Imagination, and Transformation: Spiritual Leadership for a Climate-Changed World.”

To learn more about Allen and The BTS Center,
visit and

Tallessyn Z. Grenfell-Lee, MDiv, PhD, will be delivering three biblical reflections and another presentation. She studied molecular biology at MIT and Harvard before moving into the field of Climate Ethics at the Boston University School of Theology. She has spent the last few decades studying the intersections of permaculture, ecofeminism, environmental justice, nature connection, and climate psychology. In 2021, she founded Climate Resilience Leadership, LLC, which offers tools and resources for climate and sustainability leaders who are looking to build resilient morale, engagement, and impact in organizations, no matter what happens. This Climate Moment calls for new kinds of leadership; Grenfell-Lee directly addresses the most daunting challenges of our time – climate burnout, frustration, overwhelm, and despair – and helps you build Climate-Proof Leadership and Unshakeable Hope. Find out more at

As usual, the Colloquy will gather in historic Craigville Village on Cape Cod.
Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, the Colloquy brings together creative church leaders along with pastor and lay leaders, for a week of serious conversation and vacation fun. Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday begin with Morning Prayer in a monastic style with hymns, Taizé chant and silence. Additionally there is an opening eucharist service on Monday afternoon, a Taizé service on Wednesday evening and a closing Renewal of Baptismal Vows on Friday morning.
Presentations and small-group conversations occur in the morning and the evening; the afternoons are free for relaxing on the famous Craigville Beach or exploring nearby attractions on the Cape. Partial scholarships are available for students and anyone who has a financial need. Continuing education certificates are available for clergy. Come and be inspired, refreshed and renewed!
During the Colloquy week, we will also hear from other speakers, including representatives from Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light (MIPL) and the Cape Cod-based Faith Communities Environmental Network (FCEN).  

As you can see, beyond an informative and possibly challenging presentations and discussions — we will enjoy varied worship experiences throughout the week, as well as opportunities to be outdoors for reflection, take nature walks, spend time at the beach, or traveling around Cape Cod. And as always there is simply relaxing and having fellowship time together. We invite you to join with us again or for the first time.