Craigville Village — the Craigville Inn

Colloquy Registration occurs at the Craigville Inn, 208 Lake Elizabeth Drive, Centerville on Cape Cod. The Inn is also the location of the Craigville Retreat Center office. Use the above address when navigating to the Craigville Colloquy.

Driving to Craigville (PDF map)
Craigville Village (PDF map)

Public transportation to Craigville

Attendees to Craigville Colloquy do not need a car. Frequent coach service is available from Logan International Airport and Amtrak’s South Station in Boston via two bus lines: the Plymouth & Brockton (with stops at Falmouth & Woods Hole) and Peter Pan (many stops on the Cape, including Hyannis). Depending on traffic, travel time between Boston and Hyannis should be less than three hours. However, delays in heavy traffic are not uncommon. When you arrive at Hyannis Transportation Center, Uber or Lyft service is available for the last leg of your journey. Travel time to Craigville Retreat Center is about 15 minutes. Peter Pan also provides connections with New York, Albany, Providence, Hartford and other cities in the Northeast, and connecting service from New York to Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

Plymouth & Brockton
Peter Pan