What is CCMA?

The Christian Camp Meeting Association (CCMA) is the sponsoring body for the Craigville Theological Colloquy. They have administered the Craigville Retreat Center in Craigville Village on Cape Cod for many decades. In 2022, the Village celebrated its 150th anniversary.

We invite you to read more about CCMA, which is the long-time owner and steward of the Craigville Retreat Center, where the Colloquy meets each year. Here you can also find a Map of Craigville Village showing the various buildings that house attendees.

You can also read about United Camps, Conferences, and Retreats (UCCR), the company engaged by CCMA to manage the Craigville Retreat Center.

REMEMBER — Reservations to attend the Craigville Theological Colloquy
can be found via the link above — 2024 Colloquy Reservations.